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RUSTPROOF - Key Benefits

EVOLUTION Adaptive Data Technology provides extreme flexibility to any application or system that relies on a relational database for organizing, storing and retrieving data. Typical savings are between 20% and 40% of development time. Since EVOLUTION allows you to gradually change and grow your data model, development stages can actually proceed in a parallel, staggered fashion rather than sequentially.

The result: your effort starts to pay off (and your clients get what they need) much, much faster.

Software developed using EVOLUTION as a data management foundation benefits from:

Improved ROI: software solutions developed with Resource Efficiency that are able to reach markets faster provide an increased return on investment (ROI).

Reduced Resources: permits more complex solutions while reducing development overhead and costs — the same number of developers are now able to produce more results in less time.

Shorter Time to Market: significantly speeds up data-centric software design, development and deployment timeframes — typically 1/2 to 1/4 of the traditional development time.

Increased Lifespan: gives data-centric software solutions a much longer lifespan by giving them the capacity to adapt and grow to meet future needs as the business requirements evolve.

For a hands-on presentation of how EVOLUTION can deliver these benefits to your next software development effort, please contact our sales specialists by email at or by calling (514) 862-5514.